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Planning to move? At EZ Expressway, our goal is to help make sure your move happens as efficiently, stress-free, and easy as possible. Since it’s our mission to make your move easy, we offer professional packing services to protect your belongings during your move.

What are Packing Services?

Professional moving companies like us at EZ Expressway typically offer additional services to pack and protect your belongings during a move. Professional packers are experts at adding proper padding and protection to ensure your fragile items stay safe and secure.

Benefits of Packing Services

Some benefits of hiring a local moving company like us to pack your belongings include:

  1. Save time: When it comes to moving, time is very important and packing can eat up a ton of time if you do not properly plan for packing and unpacking. Many people have tendencies to accidentially spend hours “taking trips down memory lane” while packing sentimental belongings. Since not emotionially attached to said items, professional packing services can have your home or office packed and ready to go in no time.
  2. Stay organized: Experienced packing companies work with you to prioritize your which items to pack first and which items can wait until moving day. Often inepxerienced movers are much less organized and keeping your belongings organized throughout your move is crucial to maintaining a stress-free and easy move.
  3. Item protection: One of the last things any mover wants to happen is to have an item break when it didn’t have to. Packing services offered by good local moving companies offer extra protection against damage to all of your item. Through packing services, you can rest assured that your items will arrive to your new home safely and secured.

How much are packing services?

The cost of packing services will vary depending on the size of your move, how many rooms and items to be packed, and how much time in advance you scheduled your move. To get discounts on packing services, consider scheduling your move within a month or two before your move.

Costs of packing services typically run anywhere from $30 per hour to $150 depending on many factors. According to Thumbtack.com, the national average for the cost packing services is $50-$70 per hour.

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Local Packing Services Reviews & Testimonials

My wife and I booked our move 2 days prior to moving. We have moved at least 10 times due to me being in the military. This was by far our best moving experience. Thanks to Jay, Douglass, and Lanier. All great guys.

Melech King - Fort Meade, Maryland
Jay and his crew of local movers were prompt, friendly, and truly helpful. Prices very reasonable. Were able to handle anything and everything, very flexible. Highest recommendation.
Larissa Wild, Washington, D.C.

Jay, Douglass, and Lanier did a great job on our out of storage/into new home move. I’d recommend them in a minute. Very good value compared to most movers.

David Plazak - Annapolis, Maryland

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