Local Movers: Moving to Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is a very popular place to move. The city is filled with culture, diversity, beautiful monuments, and museums that exhibit the rich history of the United States. Thousands of people move to the Washington D.C. area each year, and according to the Washington Post, more than 20 million people also visit our nation’s capital and that number continues to rise each and every year.

Like many major cities, Washington D.C. has its positives and negatives. Let’s be honest, traffic and parking in Washington D.C. can make your move miserable without proper planning. Take it from an experienced moving company in DC, plan your move accordingly. If you plan to move to the Washington D.C. area whether this summer, this fall or in the near distant future, take a look at the following resources to help prepare you for moving to D.C.

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Moving to Washington D.C.

Preparing to Move to Washington D.C.

DC Traffic

Not to scare you from moving to DC, but DC traffic can be a nightmare. As with most major cities, rush hours are often extended, road construction is inevitable, car accidents are common and so are disabled vehicles. If you live outside of the city, whether it be northern Virginia, Prince George’s County in Maryland, or Montgomery County in Maryland, you will witness other traffic congestion issues alongside the DC beltway 495.

As you plan on your move to Washington D.C., be sure to avoid rush hour. DC’s morning rush hour usually begins around 6 AM, Monday through Friday and ends between 9:30 AM and 10 AM. The evening rush hour typically begins at approximately 3 PM and ends around 6:30 PM. The point here is to avoid planning your move to DC around these times.

Avoid pedestrians in cross-walks – they like to jump in front of moving vehicles. Vehicle traffic isn’t the only concern when moving to a major city like our nation’s capital. Large groups of foot-traffic cause traffic to back up and if you’re not used to driving a large moving truck, this can be a problem. Be very careful and on the lookout for pedestrians who tend to walk when they’re supposed to wait.

As an experienced moving company in Washington D.C. for many years, we’ve found that traffic apps like Google Maps and Waze are great resources. If you plan to rent a truck and move on your own on say a Thursday morning, check those apps at random times on the three different Thursdays before your move. This will help you find the best times to schedule your DC move on a Thursday.

Moving to Washington D.C.? Plan Around D.C. Traffic

Parking in Washington D.C.

Another issue you may encounter when moving to Washington D.C. is the problem of finding a parking spot. D.C. Gov and TripAdvisor offer parking meter apps that allow you to find and park with your mobile device. While these apps are great for visitors, they likely won’t help you much on the day of your move. Depending on which area of Washington D.C. you plan to move to, many roads, neighborhoods, apartments, and condos offer designated loading spots that you can use to load and unload your personal belongings. Check with the area and road to find all available temporary parking spots for your moving truck before you move. As a local moving company to DC, we recommend that you call a few weeks before your move and discuss your moving plans with the property owner of DC government.

Moving to DC? Reserve a Parking Spot for Your Moving Truck

Road Closures for Events

Washington D.C. is one of those towns where there is almost always something happening. Events like parades, protests, and planned road closures are common. Before you decide on your moving date, check local news sites like WJLA and WTOP for road closures and scheduled events within the district.


As mentioned above, we are an experienced moving company in DC and offer tons of resources that we hope will help make your move as easy as possible. We offer home moving services, local moving services, packing services and more. Whether you are moving to Washinton D.C. from Maryland, Virginia, or from a different state, give us a call and we’d love to assist you on your next move.

Moving in and around the District of Columbia can be stressful, so use our knowledge and experience of our nation’s capital to help you.

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